Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Everything You Need to Begin a Home Mindfulness Meditation Practice | taught by Ruth Lera
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Course description

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation has been designed so that any individual can learn to practice Mindfulness Meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation is proven to decrease depression, chronic pain and anxiety, while at the same time increasing our ability to take each moment as it comes.

"Ruth's services give you tools that help to enrich your life."

In this course you will:

- Get a thorough introduction to the concept of Mindful Meditation

-Be encouraged to use loving friendliness to yourself during the process of re-training your attention and awareness

-Have access to guided Mindfulness Meditations so that you feel supported during your practices

-Participate in a dynamic discussion forum facilitated by Ruth Lera

"I haven't missed a single day of meditation since you got me started on it. Your way of presenting it is so effective, and it sure worked for me. Thanks so much for what you have given me!"

I hope you will join me in the life-changing process called Mindfulness Meditation.

Ruth Lera
Ruth Lera
Creator of The Self Healing Academy

I care about you because I care about the state of the planet.

The way we are going to increase peace, and decrease suffering, is by each of us taking the time to heal the places we are hurt and struggling.

This is what The Self-Healing Academy is all about!

It is about each of us connecting with our own innate ability to heal ourselves.

In the creation of The Self Healing Academy I have used my education in Human and Social Development, and training as a Meditation Instruction and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction facilitator, to share with you crucial information about the human journey.

As well, I have utilized my extensive knowledge in energy healing modalities such as Healing Touch and Quantum Touch, to offer out-of-the-box information about how each of us can heal our lives through love and awareness.

But even more then all of that official training, I have utilized everything I have learned through my own healing journey and the hundreds of clients I have worked with around the world, to put together a cohesive understanding of how we can connect with our own self-healing journey with a only a small investment of time and money.

I am super-excited to connect with you!

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